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AUG 08/02 # Exhibition Blog Re-Blog Show at Signal, NY

Reflecting the post-curatorial mode of online image distribution,
Max Marshall and Paul Paper have each selected and randomly paired two groups of 100 photographers.
Each artist then selects an image from the other's portfolio, to be exhibited in tandem.

200 images, curated by 200 photographers.

Friday, August 2nd
8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

260 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

JUNE 09/06 # Comissioned Work for DIE ZEIT philosophy issue

It has been an incredible opportunity for me to be comissioned to work on this
very special magazine, A selection of 17 full pages photo and the cover to illustrate
the questions asked to various philosopher

I really thanks the whole team who worked on this N° 25 of Die Zeit, and especially Navina who was of a great patience with me

, love X.

MAY 05/02 # SRAUNUS exhibition curated by Paul Paper.

The exhibition now travel in Cardiff during Diffusion festival.

Organised by the team of Itismyparty.org and ilikethisblog.net,
if you're lucky enough to be in Scotland,
it's definately worth to take a sit and enjoy.


MAY 04/05 # Comissioned portrait for PIG QUATERLY GIRLS issue 2

It's been a great pleasure to meet the amazing Diane Pernet in one of her favorite
Parisian adress: les deux abeilles

I highly advice to try to find this wonderful issue of Pig if you want to see the result of the incredible curate
from Piotr for PIG QUATERLY, i love a lot.

Thank you very much Mister Niepsuj...

APR 01/04 #A nice feature within DOSSIER magazine website

A selection of photographs from my sets Uncanny Apparatus, and we'll be all right

It's a great pleasure to be selected within other great photographers from that magazine i love a lot.

Thank you very much Kat...

APR 02/04 # Feature in the travel section of NYLON magazine

Some of my photographs within the green theme

I hightly recommend to look at their monthly Korean edition to stay tuned with the style over there.

Thank you very much Kim...

FEB 02/08 # Photographer of the week for Capricious magazine

Highlight of my set Genius Loci

I hightly recommend to look at their bi-annual publications in case you're not into that yet.

Thank you very much Anika...

JAN 05/13 # Editorial in HUSK magazine F/W I2-13 at Crazy Horse Paris

Fall Winter 2012-13 Issue

It's been a wonderfull opportunity from Editor and creative director Vinz Hölz
to proposed me a collaboration for a shoot in the well known Crazy Horse cabaret ,
with some privilege views of rehearsal session to illustrate Katarina Jansdottir's essai about this mythical place:

About Husk:


Style editorials for women,
style editorials for men,
and Girls don't cry A Feminist Dossier.


Roger Deckker,
Meinke Klein,
Willem Jaspert,
Thomas Lohr,
Laurence Ellis,
Rory van Millingen,
Ilaria Orsini,
Alessandro dal Buoni,
sylvain-emmanuel Prieur,
Judy Chicago,
Rosa Rendl,
Akiko Hamaoko,
and so on,


Vinzenz Hölzl,
Trey Taylor,
Elle Körhaliller,
Friederike Hamman,
Elizabeth Bukanova,
Lyson Marchessault,
Rachael Styles,
Brent Randall,
Kelly Eng,
Rebecca Lee,
Sarah Michelle,
Lisa Schink,


Eugenia Lapteva,
Katarina Jansdottir,
Juergen Frisch,

Find your copy here.

Thank you so much Vinz...

DEC 17/12 # VIEW MAGAZINE issue5 curated by Alon Koppel.

Dear fellow IPAD lovers, VIEW Magazine is availlable online.

I'm proud to be among amazing photographers from all over the world,
with a selection of medium and large format of my photographs
selected by Alon Koppel

Hope you'll be happy to have a look

you can also subscribe to more update from them on facebook™

Contributors in this issue:
Guillaume Abgrall
Thomas Albdorf
Stefan Bleihauer
Bridget Collins
Simon Kossoff
Daniel Lohmann
Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
Ryuji Sakamoto
The Syrian Revolution Memory Project:
András Vari

thanks again Alon!


NOV 07/11 # SRAUNUS exhibition curated by Paul Paper.

The exhibition now travel in Gothenburg Next Art galery.

Organised by the team of Itismyparty.org and ilikethisblog.net,
if you're lucky enough to be in Sweeden Gothenburg,
it's definately worth to take a sit and enjoy.


APR 05/04 # 0_100 Spring Issue 2012.

Launch on April 12th at 121+ bookshop in Milano.

I'm very glad to be part of the upcoming issue of 0_100 limited editions based in Milano(it).
Curating the works of a small selection of contemporary photographers quaterly related to a different theme.

The attention paid to the small print quality worths a bunch of looks.

0_100 editions.net

Thanks a lot Christiano, Don't miss the launch in April 12th!

MARCH 29/03 # CZE magazine Issue 11.

Online now is the Rainbow issue 11.

The massive new rainbow issue of CZE just out now
Always good to be part of such a big list of amazing photographers i trully admire.

Take a look at CZE Online


Thanks again George, and good luck for next steps!

FEB 02/02 # TOURIST present the first installment.

One night only exhibition curated by Sanna Helena Berger.

Tourist Magazine curates it's first exhibition featuring artists and photographers close to our heart.
Showcasing work from whom we consider to be the most exciting young artists working today.

The Exhibition will be held on the 2nd of February at
The International Picture House from 7pm.

Thanks a lot Sanna Helena, Go There !

Please RSVP to info@touristmagazine.co.uk for invitation

JAN 17/01 # SRAUNUS exhibition curated by Paul Paper.

The exhibition now travel in Amsterdam AWA Gallery.

Organised by the team of Itismyparty.org and ilikethisblog.net,
if you're lucky enough to be in Amsterdam in that beginning of January,
it's definately worth to take a sit and enjoy.


NOV 29/11-DEC 03/12 # LOVE, ETC Art Basel Miami.

I had a bunch of photographs exhibited at MMM installation "love, etc."
Have a look at Purple Diary and Another magazine reviews

About :
At Art Basel Miami Beach 2011, Maison Martin Margiela will present Love, etc.,
an off-site installation in the Miami Design District situated near its Miami retail location.
This exhibition will feature the Maison'sLine 13, dedicated to objects & publications and
also explores the Maison's relationship with interiors.
4141 NE 2nd Avenue, suite #114B – Miami, USA
From Tuesday Nov. 29th to Saturday Dec. 3rd, 2011 / 11am - 7pm

Thank you so much Edo!

NOV 11-14 2011 # NOFOUND PHOTOFAIR Paris.

Check the program here

About : nofound_photofair
11-14 November 2011
66 rue de Turenne
75003 Paris

Located in the heart of the exhibition space of contemporary photography fair nofound_photofair,
The Black Box is designed to promote the work of the most active photo curators on the Internet
through multimedia projects.

The programme of The Black Box will be displayed in a loop during the entire time of nofound_photofair.
The TV channel Souvenirs from Earth will broadcast The Black Box
on several occasions between November and December 2011.
nofound_photofair is organised by the team of Access & Paradox.

I will have a couple of photographs featured within the HOPE AND ANCHOR Curated by Hannah Myall and Steven Beckly.

with other photographer:
Rafa Castells
Maren Celest
Tom Chudley
Clemens Fantur
Chelsee Ivan
Jonas Kamm
Anna-Liisa Liiver
Jeff Luker
Lukas Messner
Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
Tatum Shaw
Katherine Squier
Lauren Treece
Joshua Whitelaw
Derek Vincent
John Zimmerman

And Also Some other ones within DISTURBERdiorama, still in the black box area.
Curated by Maurizio Di Lorio

Among Photographers:
Ana Kras
Eylül Aslan
Marija Keva
Marija Mandi?
Marija Strajnic
Maurizio Di Iorio
Rita Lino
Sylvain-emmanuel Prieur
Noven Roman
Tania Oldyork
plus many more...

Thank you all guys to make it possible!

NOV 11/11 # BLACK MAG Issue 4.

Check & download the fresh fanzine from Munich

About : Daniel Dueckminor
A zine curated and layouted by Daniel who is proud to present a very versatile and international selection,
which features amazing artists from all over the globe.
Issue 4 is just released now.
Daniel Dueckminor


Thank you Daniel for that nice project!

OCT 10/11 # CICLOPE N°6 Life in the woods.

Check & download the journal notes issue 6

About : FIBRA publishing house
Fibra is an independient publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday life.
It's a personal experiment moved by an amateur and mutant enthusiasm.
Flavio Affonso

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Rep. Argentina

Thank you Flavio for the feature!

AUG 26/08 # Selection for GAZE a projected photography show...

Ilari Laamanen, curator of the show

The event:

"GAZE is a part of annual The Night of the Arts event which offers various cultural happenings all around Helsinki.
Likewise the GAZE show, Night of the Arts takes place for one night only.
Last year it attracted more than 60 000 people to take part in different cultural happenings all over Helsinki. "

I'm proud to be listed among such a great photographer, thanks Ilari!

AUG 13/08 # Contribution to the exhibition SUNNY SIDE-UP...

Wandering Bears have been selected to curate an exhibition at the Margate Photo Festival, UK

The Idea:

"Sunny Side Up" is an exhibition of photographs

The exhibition looks to collect and display the everyday snap shots we take which inspire,
intrigue or are simply taken because it feels right.
Capturing these configurations, formations or simple moments on our cameras work as an addition to our visual sketchbooks
that are so often referenced to develop new ideas and form new bodies of work.

Wandering Bears intend to collect these images and share them with a larger audience.
Many of these images sit on hard drives or mobile phones, rarely seen or shared, we wish to exhibit them in print. "

Exhibition of contemporary photographs

Curated by:
Wandering Bears

Participating artists:
the list of great artists participating is just too numerous to be listed here,
please check the website for more information

Peter, Nik & Luke
Wandering Bears

Wandering Bears



Thanks a lot Peter, Luk and Nick for that great show!

JUNE 07/06 # i've been selected to participate atYOUR EYES ARE VESSELS...

Alexi speaks about the exhibition:

"your eyes are vessels is about fantasy;
how, when you look at someone (specifically eyes or particular body parts), you can be transported to places they have seen, touched or imagined.
it's about primal curiosity, the need to know where they've walked, and who, (besides you, if only for a moment), they have embraced.
it's dedicated to the feeling the eminent barrier between your fantasized idea of that person's experiences and
how it differentiates from their reality is brought into question.
do we idealize? do we ask? do we trust? can this barrier be broken (do we want it to break?)
when people leave our lives, does that curiosity ever disappear? "

Exhibition of contemporary photographs

Curated by:
Alexi Avedisian

Participating artists:
Ty Marie, Tatjana Šuškic, Goran Jovanovic, Ilya Smirnov, Daniel Augschöll, Sarah Hermans, Sasha Kurmaz, Sasha Borodinova, Sylvain Emmanuel, Scott Young, Adam Revington, Jamie Paul

Thanks for that great opportunity Alexi!

APR 01/04 # VICE UK for GonzoWorld magazine...

I had been asked to make the cover for the first Gonzoworld magazine

The magazine is just about how to be awesome that is putting out with sponsorship from K-Swiss
Hits the street in April 2011
Runs about 100 000 copies

Download that first issue here

Curated by:
Gavin Haynes

Participating Contributors:
Fred MacPherson
Henry Langston
Alex Miller
Ben Rayner
Gavin Haynes
David Titlow
RJ Shaughnessy
Bruno Bayley
Henry Langston
Ferry Guow
Portia W

Thank you very much to Lewis Chaplin, Andy Caper and Gavin for that great opportunity!

DEC 03/12 # Starting tomorrow will have two shows goin on SRAUNUS...

Paul Paper makes the exhibition travel in Sweeden now:

The third installment will happen
Dec – January 2011
Opening: 3 December. 6 – 10 pm

Gallery Steinsland Berliner
Bondegatan 70, Stockholm, Sweden

Exhibition of projected contemporary photographs

Curated by:
Paul Paper

Participating artists:
Alexander Binder, Lucas Blalock, Fred Cave, Grant Cornett, Bobby Doherty, Thobias Fäldt, Sam Falls, Seth Fluker, Paul Herbst, Pierre Le Hors, Clemens Jahn, Mac Katter, Klara Källström, Shane Lavalette, Jennilee Marigomen, Sylvain-Emmanuel P, Paul Paper, Nerijus Rimkus, Jaap Scheeren, Maurice Scheltens & Liesbeth Abbenes, Adam Schreiber, Kate Steciw, Ugn? Straigyt?, Jesper Ulvelius, Kimm Whiskie, Jessica Williams

Well done paul, still very glad to be within such a show!

DEC 03/12 # Starting tomorrow will have two shows goin on PLEASE EXCUSE THE MESS...

One year celebration of the blog PETM:

Stephanie Gonot curated a lovely list of photographers to participate in a show in conjonctions with thread in LA...

i wish i was free enough to be under Los Angeles Sun right now!

NOV 15/11 # i contributed to HUSK magazine VOL II N° II

Fall Winter 2010 Issue

It's been a wonderfull opportunity from Editor and creative director Vinz Hölz
to proposed me a collaboration for a shoot in Damir Doma's Paris atelier,
and some privilege views of Maison Martin Margiela to illustrate Filep Motwary's interview:

About Husk:


A special feature about DAMIR DOMA,
the Burberry model JEREMY YOUNG,
the editor-in-chief of ACNE PAPER THOMAS PERSSON,
exclusive and never seen before images of MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA,
the French director ROMAIN GAVRAS,
the model cum photographer DYLAN FORSBERG,
the Italian artist ROBERTO FODDAI,
the guerilla photographer ELLE MULIARCHYK and many,
many more.


Philippe Vogelenzang,
Thomas Lohr,
Misha Taylor,
S.-E. P.,
Elvi Emanuelson,
Rasmus Jensen,
Maja Flink,
Sara Nataf,
Dylan Forsberg,
Patrick Griffin,
Olivier Claisse,
Alex Milsom,
Roberto Foddai


Filep Motwary,
Felix Burrichter,
Daniel Sannwald,
Omar Sosa,
Willis Hip,
Yasmina Dexter,
Philipp Polarfuchs,
Gabor Szabo,
Anna Eimerl,
Predrag Pajdic,
Nils Dunkel,
Shannon Maldonado,
Elle Muliarchyk,
Lea Rieck,
Horst Mayer,
Benjamin Skye,
Anna Katharina Bender,
Andrew Chipman,
Sonny Groo,
Alex Zamora


Majid Karrouch,
Kenny Ho,
Deborah Brider,
Jeremy Young,
Sam Hands,
Dasha Love,
Samir Boitard,
Matthieu Pabiot,
Akiko Sakamoto,
Richard Kilroy,
Romeu Silveira

Find your copy here.

Thank you so much Vinz...

OCT 10/10 #I forgot to mention i am one of the lucky featured in the last BLOOD OF THE YOUNG ZINE...

Summer issue 2010:

About BOTY:
Blood of the Young is a Toronto based project concentrating on contemporary visual arts that was established in the winter of 08/09.
They like young people, film, analog processes, new aesthetics, interviews, print trades, collaborations, diy, and friends in other cities.

They recently move on tumblr waiting for the new website to be launch soon...

Remember to regularly have a look at this photoblog curated by T. Reilly Hodgson & Dimitri Karakostas
among other both interesting photographers as well!

You'll always find some fresh meat over there!

NOV 12/11 # i participate in PONCZ. ISSUE N° 03

Heaven can wait, Dream on here

Download PONCZ "not another women issue 3:
Introduce by Zhang Xiao: I had been asked to take photographs for a local newspaper. As a photographer I weaved through the city everyday and that was
how I locked those images into that little time machine. They were all strangers even they were just people that passed close by me.
Because of we are the ones of the same era. I could see more of my reflection from them when brushing against those people or through deep eye contact.
They are always there in my life.
Now, it appears that many scenes are doomed to meet me. I do not want to disturb them.
But at that moment, I always can observe their difference..

Editor in chief:

Art director:


Enjoy it...

NOV 06/11 # CICLOPE N°3 These are my friends and this is me.

Check & download the journal notes issue 3

About : FIBRA publishing house
Fibra is an independient publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday life.
It's a personal experiment moved by an amateur and mutant enthusiasm.
Flavio Affonso

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Rep. Argentina

Thank you Flavio to feature one of my photographs among such a great ones!

SEPT 30/09 # TOURIST Magazine Issue 9.

I just published a small set in the last issue of Tourist Magazine Human Behavior

About :

"TOURIST magazine is an ever evolving platform for art, music, some kind of fashion, literature, etc. We don't look
to compete but support and collaborate with artists, musicians and writers with similair or completely different points
of view. We don't cherish brand spanking new music more than old, we don't applaud new collections more than
previous ones and we don't look to advertise overpriced and by questionable standards, produced garments.
When did expensive and impossible to find become so unbearably cool? I look to my 5 year old niece for inspiration
when it comes to fashion and my 90 year old grandma when it comes to attitude"...


Sanna Helena Berger

Junior Content Editor
Seren Adams

Philippa Snow
Christopher Gray
Christopher Stevenson
Lauren Alice Avery
Grace Denis
Arvida Bystrom
Jonathan Flanders
Laura Havlin
Lillian Wilkie
Sandy Espenkrona
Sophie Hanson
Stop Making Sense

Thanks a bunch Sanna Helenna for the opportunity!

SEPT 17/09 - NOV 12/11# VICE exhibition at 12MAIL.

I am invited to participate to the collective exhibition for Vice
at 12MAIL gallery

About :

The fresh gallery 12MAIL invites french VICE magazine to do an exhibition. the show is curated by Maciek Pozoga
and includes photographs and illustrations by Estelle Hanania, my dear Ana Kras, Frédéric Fleury,
Jérémy Boulard le fur, Edrem, Jérémie Grandsenne, Arthur Molines, Arturo Guéret, Emanuele Cardesi,
Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur and Linus Bill.

17 SEP-12 NOV
12Mail, 12 rue du Mail, Paris 75002
2nd. wed-fri, 2-6pm

You'll find the whole details and fun here
Thanks so much Maciek, and


SEPT 15/09 # DUST & DESSERT Issue 3.
I contribute to the last issue of Dust & Dessert Magazine within the nice project of White walls studio
You can buy the book here

About : Dust & Dessert

DUST & DESSERT Magazine is an arrhythmic and sporadically released series of books on soft thoughts
and colossal magnificences that have been put together by the two of us. Every page is generated with affection
and careful consideration of the interaction between what is read and what is seen. Each submission has been
hand picked and all contributors are treated with respect and we will continue to keep in touch with everyone
long after the collection retires, as there will be only 8 issues produced.

After a period of time away from each other at the beginning of 2010, we returned to Sydney and revisited our desire
to publish a book, choosing to focus on compiling a volume of work arranged using the colour spectrum (the ethereal
wordplay is a convenient byproduct), with themes that have been chosen because they all relate to each other
through these colours, which will become evident at the end of the series.

Thanks a lot jennifer mehigan for such a great project!

JULY 30/07 # TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE week 74.

i've been interviewed by Ali Bosworth within the nice project ROTATING GALLERY
You'll also find the interview i did of Margaret Durow for week 75 here


The rotating gallery features the work of an emerging photographer, as well as an interview with him or her. It changes every Wednesday.
The gallery is based off of ‘collective curatorship’, where the photographer from the preview week selects and interviews a photographer for the upcoming week, then that person chooses/interviews someone for the next week, etc.

Thank very much Ali, Jake of course and Margaret to keep the project continuing!

JULY 27/07 # PIGMAG 84.

i've just shared a couple of words with Sean Beolchini
Download the PDF version of the magazine here

About : PIGMAG N°84
In copertina: Scissor Sisters intervistati da Marina Pierri e fotografati da Sean Beolchini

Interviste esclusive a Scissor Sisters, Richard Norris, Harlem, Max Hattler, Jeremy Scott e molti altri.

I servizi fotografici di questo mese sono di Emanuele Fontanesi & Romain B. James e Sean Beolchini

Gli Street Files sono stati scattati a Mosca da Rudolph Ter-Oganezov

In questo numero potete trovare anche il fotografo, il publisher, il designer, il negozio del mese e molto altro.

Thank you so much Sean, Ana of course and Hannah for such a great opportunity!

JULY 15/07 # CICLOPE You are so wild.

Check & download the journal notes issue 2

About : FIBRA publishing house
Fibra is an independient publishing house with focus on hunting and collecting fiction moments on everyday life.
It's a personal experiment moved by an amateur and mutant enthusiasm.
Flavio Affonso

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Rep. Argentina

Thank you Flavio to feature one of my photographs among such a great ones!

JULY 10/07 # TELEGRAMME contribution.

Check & download the summer issue 2

About : Télégramme magazine
"We wanted to create a magazine for all of the beautiul pictures that make your heart that little bit happier, and I hope that we’ve succeeded.

We love digital and we love film, we love light, we love polaroids, we love beautiful girls. We love disposable cameras and we love paris, we love animal masks and shadows.

We probably also love you a little bit, but shh. Don’t tell."

This publication was curated by the artists/designers
Sarah McLean, Adele Reed and Amy Marks.

Thanks a lot Sarah for such a refreshing issue!

JUNE 21/06 # OVER/UNDER contribution.

Here is the link to download the night moves issue

About : over/under magazine
"OVER/UNDER is a simple platform to deliver excellent work in the field of photography in the most direct means possible. With each issue, and it’s unique theme, this publication hopes to expose both established and emerging talent to the world at large.

This publication is created and curated by Brooklyn-based artist/designer
M.T. Loughlin."

Thanks again M.T LOUGHIN for the opportunity, i'm glad to contribute among such a great artists choice!

JUNE 01/06 # SWEET & SOUND contribution.

i have been asked a small contribution to SWEET & SOUND

About :
"is a new Arts and Music magazine. Our intention is to create a platform for artists, musicians and writers to have their work exposed and made readily available for other artists and a wider audience to discover. We present our contributors and featured artists in a well thought out manner, with an emphasis on the quality of content instead of focusing on the overall sweet and sound “image”. We want to reflect our view that art should not be judged on the quantities sold or by celebrity, but by the quality of the work. We intend to encourage discussion, collaboration and provide inspiration. We adhere to our aim of providing an eclectic resource for our readers and contributors to enjoy."

Thanks a lot Shane to have asked about me!

MAY 25/05 # PARTI MAG launch their third issue.

i had a contribution in the two first issues of PARTI MAG

German online revue you can join here
is an irregulary published magazine that shows photography and art by more or less famous but also unknown artists.

Lets wish a great success to that fresh online publication in the futur!

MAY 10/05 # ZERO1 MAGAZINE Issue 05 duo: Two minds are better than one!.

I've been featured within the photography essay two for the road from James Turnley.

If you don't know yet this amazing multi-talents platform co-founded by
REDIA SOLTIS and NATHALEE PAOLINELLI, based in Vancouver, CA, you definately should have a look on their previous issues. Among their beautiful curatorials you will find the fresher photography scene you guys ever dreamed about . I am especially in love with the work done by their Art director JENNILEE MARIGOMEN whose also in charge of plenty other great projects like the Night Vision

Let's thanks again James Turnley and Jennilee for the opportunities within their beautiful projects, i am really glad of such a contribution

MAY 05/05 # SRAUNUS coming exhibition curated by Paul Paper.

I am glad to be part of that coming projection exhibition in Vilnius.

Organised by the team of Itismyparty.org and ilikethisblog.net, if you're lucky enough to be in Lithuania in that beginning of May, it's definately worth to take a sit in the Soviet style ex-Ministry of Healthcare building in the heart of the city where the projection will occur.


MAY 05/05 # SMALL VICTORIES coming exhibition curated by Jeff Hamada.

Here is the 10th project from BoooOOOM.com i'll participate in!

Small Victories is a photographic celebration of the everyday! A collection of 4×6 prints of the quietly beautiful, unintentionally funny, people and things all around us. I believe it is these little moments that make life worth living. This project will culminate in a photo show at Above Second gallery in Hong Kong, in May.

A bit more to know:
after the show is over the plan is to compile the work into an album and auction it off to raise money for a charity!
- so far confirmed are: hasisi park, dave geeting, heather maxwell hall, harry bloom, nina zivkovic, matthew genitempo, suzie zak, andre vautour, josh whitelaw, stuart pillinger, jess gough, simon nunn, katherine squier, tamara lich, paul phung, jeff luker, sophie curtis, hannah davis, and several more!


APRIL 05/04 # CZE the land ISSUE N° 02 is out

George featured a small part of my blind set

Download CZE here:
you will find an incredible bunch of photographers within the land theme, it worth a look or two!

Next issue will be SKIN about:
feel free to contact George for any queries


FEBRUARY 27/02 # i have got a contribution in PONCZ. ISSUE N° 01

One of my favorite photograph ever is among some incredible stuff

Download PONCZ "not another women issue":
"Not another women issue” is special for us. This time we not only focused on finding good pics but also on extraordinary characters and personalities. Therefore you can either love the new Poncz-magazine or just hate it. But for sure you won’t forget the pictures.

Editor in chief:

Art director:


Sure you will like it...

FEBRUARY 26/02 # i've been asked a selection of unseen photographs for NOT CONTENT

I've picked out a bunch of intimate backstage shots soon available in my fashion sets

Check the blog :
Cherry styles and Simon Marsham run NOT CONTENT since January 2009 with a highly stylish and accurate selection
of shots from all over the world's photographers;

the coherence of their features make that blog a front row choice for any inspirational needs .

They are of course amoung the most amazing photographers you will find online and on several magazines, so let's check their personal works, and thank you again Cherry to have asked about me, it's a great honor beeing part of the not content spirit,

hope you now enjoy your new place...

FEBRUARY 13/02 # We've been featured with Ana for our dear Ping-Pong© game on TRUST ME MAGAZINE

here is a small selection of shots

Check the next paper issue:
We should have a small booklets including a bunch of best ping-pong-ping in the next issue of TRUSTME, the launch will take place next April 10th at Brancaleone in Roma, IT.

It definetely worth to pass by if you plan to be in Roma in April...

The essential:

Trust me is a magazine.

Any Issue of Trust me concerns a word,

a symbol,

a number,

an image

they could seem very abstract themes, but they can suggest reflections around art, culture, society, they can be the starting point for memories, stories, artworks.

Around this common Issue people that is interested in a collaboration can freely create their contribute for the magazine.

Trust me, it’s a magazine for graphic designers, photographs, artists and fashion designers.

This magazine is addressed to “supercontemporary” designers (even if often they are not recognized as such) and it’s looking for their collaboration, but it wants to avoid the idea of the trendzine.

We just want to give a summary of what is happening right now throughout art and design

but not just there.

The result of every issue is a monographic work with extremely heterogeneous media and contents. Anyway the complexity of the collective work takes precedence over the collective subjectivity of the single page.

The editors of each issue, redesigned everytime, takes shape through a network (created on as off line).

Trust me is a free magazine that exists only thanks to free and spontaneous cooperation of the people who want to be part of this project.


I would like to thanks Susanna Luna and Gloria Giangrande, both editors of Trust Me magazine, for their amazing work on publishing, can't wait to catch the issue n°02 !

JANUARY 21/01 # Tell Mum Everything Is Ok Issue #2 OUTSIDERS

I had a contribution for the fresh last issue of TMEIOK :

- Limited edition of 300 ex.
- Hand numbered

Fanzine printed on "Cyclus offset" 140g, a wood-free paper
Type used : ITC Officina Sans et Serif
Format : 143 x 195 mm
Cover : "Natural Evolution" 280g
Extend : 80 pages

12 euros + shipping.
Special price for the adherents of the association Éditions FP&CF ! Send a mail before buying.

Many thanks to MaximeMilanesi from FP&CF for the opportunity and the great success of their fanzine!
Join their mailing list for some more informations...

DECEMBER 25/12 # i've been christmas featured in NOT COMMON PEOPLE
here is a small selection of shots

Check the blog :
it's a great way to know about photographers, their stories and of course their works.

I would like to thanks Carlos Diaz for the opportunity and inspiring works he share through his website!

DECEMBER 03/12 # I had a couple of words with Romke for MOSSLESS
He wanted to know about books and life

Check the blog :
They interview seasoned vets, unique rookies and anything inbetween - everyone bears valid opinions. Updated every second day.

This is the blog complement to the biannual magazine of the same name, heavily featuring one photographer in each issue with original photos and interviews.
They've already started working on the first issue, and it should launch during March. Fingers crossed!

NOVEMBER 08/11 # it's sunday, it's HUH.MAGAZINE open submission
i had some stuff luckilly featured

It's on the blog but in case you don't know yet :
HUH. Magazine is a free, bi-monthly, arts, culture and lifestyle magazine. The magazine is printed as an 11.5" x 15" paper and can be picked up from selected galleries, bookshops and bars across London. It is also distributed through select stores and galleries and Universities across London, NY, Chicago, Paris and Stockholm.

And here is all you need to stay in touch...

General Stuff:

Editor, Jack Lowe: jack@huhmagazine.co.uk

Editorial, Paul Davies: paul@huhmagazine.co.uk

Picture Editor, Jonnie Craig: jonnie@huhmagazine.co.uk

Music Editor, Joe Reeve: joe@huhmagazine.co.uk

Staff Photographer, Bea Fremderman: bea@huhmagazine.co.uk

They send the magazine all over the planet for like nothing from HERE ...

OCTOBER 09 # i am part of the October online group show I WOULDN'T LIKE DEATH IF DEATH WERE GOOD...
Shown on La Pura Vida gallery:

Among amazing contributors: Rafael Alcacer, Cristobal Emilio Marquez Martine, Martin Nicholls, Pauline Magnenat-Fuchs, Xavier Encinas, Michela Heim, Innis McAllister, Julien, Daniele Argentiero, Nastya Tailakova, Ben Anderson, Joni Karanka

Many thanks to Bryan Formhals for such a wonderful gallery to check daily, and Ariane Shrack who curated the show!

OCTOBER 15/10 # Launch of THE PHOTO ALBUM...Volume One
Purchase online

Short about the photo album :
"It features the work of more than 100 amateur & professional photographers from around the world.
It will inspire anyone who's ever picked up a camera and delight those who just like looking at pretty pictures.

Created by the the team behind frankie magazine, this is a limited-edition book sure to become an instant collectable."

photo editor / interviewer Louise Bannister
photo editor / creative director Lara Burke
publisher Di Josipovic
production manager John Harland

I've got one snap featured in there among other highly appreciated from Simon Nunn, Sophie Curtis, Ana Kras, ...

SEPTEMBER 26/09 # Vancouver, Canada, second installment NIGHT VISION...
An outdoor projection show:

I am trully excited to participate in the event curated by
Jennilee Marigomen, produced by Natasha Lands in a secret place revealed the day before the event(25th of september) on their website.
If your lucky enough to stay in Vancouver that day, it's definately worth having a sit there!

SEPTEMBER 18/ 09 # Exclusive set of photography for SEEING IS STEALING...
i had a couple of shots only for SIS

my friend David Brandon Geeting from Brooklyn, USA asked me to send a bunch of 7 photographs
to be exclusively featured on his blog.
Have a look, you won't have any chance to see those pics somewhere else!

SEPTEMBER 09 # I have now a couple of pics in PETITE--ANARCHY...
Go and check the evening among other:

This beautiful website from Marlowe features only the best haha !
Lena Dunham / Simon Nunn /Antoine Procuta / Sophie Curtis / Alex Howard / Alex Carman / Lewis Chaplin / AJ English / Holly Stanton / Robin Jonsson / Dave Geeting / Danielle Nemet / Dana Goldstein / Viktor Vauthier / Pedro Ramos / Matt Ritson / Sara Perovic

And i am sure the features will run amazingly,
of course Marlowe Tatiana Granados personaly takes some impressive photography too!

SEPTEMBER 08/ 09 # I have been featured in the famous BOOOOOOOM!...
Have a look on their amazing features:

i will be happy to read a small comment from you even if you like what you see haha,
and a big thank to Jeff Hamada from Vancouver BC, who found me!

FROM AUGUST 21 to SEPTEMBER 13, 2009 # Gallery Space presents EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE...
Visit Space15Twenty:

A Polaroid Group Show Opening Reception: Friday August 21st, 2009 from 7-9pm

With a special live performance by Mark Borthwick

RSVP: info@space15twenty.com

In conjunction with the release of the special edition Polaroid film and camera kits, Gallery Space at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles is hosting a month-long group show of Polaroid photography. The original Polaroid instant photographs on view in Everything is Possible will reflect the unlimited possibilities of working with this unique format. Everything is possible.

Top ( left to right): Wai Lin Tse, Lina Scheynius
Bottom ( left to right): Jessica Williams, Mordechai S. Rubinstein

The exhibition features work from: Alana Celii, Ali Bosworth, Andrew Post, Arthur Ou, Brad Troemel, Cass Bird, Charlie Engman, Dusdin Condren, Hasisi Park, Jackson Eaton, Jason Rosenberg, Jessica Williams, Kava Gorna, Leon Batchelor, Lina Scheynius, Madi Ju, Marcelo Gomes, Margaret Durow, Mark Borthwick, Michael Hemy, Mikaylah Bowman, Mordechai Rubinstein, Nicholas Gottlund, Nicole Lesser, Peter Zachary Voelker, Serge Leblon, Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur, Vava Ribeiro, Wai Lin Tse and Ye Rin Mok.

A limited edition zine of the show will be available for purchase at the event.

Gallery Space 1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

JULY 09 # i am part of the June online group show THE SMALL HIDDEN DOOR...
Shown on La Pura Vida gallery:

Among amazing contributors: jamieswang, John Goldsmith, Corey Arnold, Jackson Eaton, Jeffrey Shay, Nathan Appel, Arian Camilleri, Luke Byrne, Jan Durina, Michael Mccraw, James Wendell, Ana Cuba, Natasha Klimchuk.

Many thanks to Bryan Formhals for such a wonderful gallery to check daily, and Karen Rudd & Ariane Shrack who curated the show!

JULY 09 # One of my photographs is beeing part of the beautiful issue 'GIRLS' of BLOOD OF THE YOUNG ZINE...
Download the PDF here:

You definately should have a look at this photoblog curated by T. Reilly Hodgson & Dimitri Karakostas, both interesting photographers as well!
Thank you guys for the opportunity.

JULY 09 # i have got 3 of my favorites photographs featured in the third issue of online magazine ROMKA...
Download the PDF here:

JUNE 09 # i have been featured in the great PUS-EYE...


• Simon &
• Sophie

And they also share a beautiful photoblog with Alex Howard called OUT HERE OVER THERE !

MAY 09 # i have a couple of photographs in Dave's blog SEEING IS STEALING...
Have a look?

DAVE GEETING is a photography student currently living in Brooklyn, NY:
he is got a lot of photographs that i like, check his website HERE

MAY 09 # i have been asked a couple of questions by Hannah Davis for Imaginary zine...
____ Imaginary (zine)


• Jess Gough
• Luke Byrne
• Joshua Whitelaw
• Katherine Squier
• Sophie Curtis

Thanks again Hannah!

APRIL 09 # i am now on board with the company of people...
Check the gallery:

the gallery is based in Brooklyn, NY and feature such a lot of great artists from different medium you definitely should have a look at!

Landon Metz is now working on putting together the first Company book that will feature a small selection of work from all the artists currently on the site.