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Every single photograph from the website first exists as a print, mostly traditional C-print more occasionaly digital C-print, with its own size and color treatment regarding the subject.
If you're interested to get one of them, just drop me an e-mail at try.it.till.you.make.it@gmail.com, we will fix something good.


UNCANNY_APPARATUS / various selected photographs / archives / http://www.titymi/selection_2012/search_UA/?drag=026&set

AMONG OTHERS / selected photographs/2011/ http://www.titymi/multiple/ search STACKS/?chaos=024&set

WE'LL BE ALRIGHT/ various 35mm photographs/2010/ http://www.try it till you make it/var/ search ALL RIGHTS/?travel=063&set

GENIUS LOCI/ 16 35mm photographs/2010/ http://www.try it till you make it/genius loci/ search/?artist=204&set&serenissima

SUNFISH/ various photographs, 2009/ http://www.try it till you make it/sunfish/ search/?multiple

PETROLEUM JELLY/ various photographs, 2009/ http://www.try it till you make it/petroleum_jelly/ search/?multiple

IT MIGHT BE A PLACE/ 42 35mm photographs from 2007-2009/ http://www.try it till you make it/it might be a place/ search/?artist=213&set

ONE OR TWO THINGS you should know before/ Spring 09/ *35mm *Polaroid *6x7 Check! http://www.try it till you make it/one_or_two_things/.com/ for diary, 2009

USELESS, and the winter overstays (for a while). 2009- *35mm, *medium format.

YOUNG SHIELDS, a journey diary through winter 2009- *35mm, *polaroid.
http://www.YOUNG SHIELDS/tryitillyoumakeit.com

UNPREDICTABLE NORMALITY-winter 08 *35mm. Visit http://www.try it till you make it/unpredictable/.com/ for details, 2008

(UN)personal DIARY, a selection done during the year 2008- *35mm, *polaroid.
http://www.(un)personal diary /tryitillyoumakeit.com

I THINK I AM BEING WATCH, short medium format celebrating lonelyness,2008

A 35mm black & white serie, mainly shot in UK: UNKNOWN RELATIVES,2008
Check http://www.B & W /unknown relatives/try it till you make it.com

UNLIKE YOUR PREMISES I FEEL, a POLAROID serie shot between Nov & Dec 2008

A SHORT DAY-winter 08 (POLAROID). Visit http://www.try it till you make it/shortday/.com/ dec 11th, 2008

http://www.try it till you make it/JUST MY BUCK SUNSET.com/ 2009

DEHORS IL N'EN EST RIEN...(polaroid) ©2008 Paris .http://www.tryitillyoumakeit/dehors il n'en est rien/Paris 2008/FR

SOME SNOW, a dog BUT RED HEARTS, 2009, short color serie from North Germany. http://www.try it till you make it/RED HEARTS/.com/ 2009


fait main, (extract) Maison Martin Margiela FW2011-12. 'Artisanal' collection.

PERRIER™ RONDELLE, Maison Martin Margiela FW2010-11. The collection for Men.

RATS LIVE ON NO EVIL STAR, Maison Martin Margiela SS2010. a palindrome view of menswear collection

20 years of creation, Maison Martin Margiela SS09 by Sanne Peper EXCLUSIF BACKSTAGE

'New sheheit',FW09-10 BLESS ©N°37

5 PORTRAITS (polaroid), try it till you make it™ © 2008

a short twist over the curtain, simple portraits Cosmic Wonder SS02

a lot more to come...


OPEN ! 'FAKE TWINS', a photographic color study reactivated in January, 2009

last days,the last half hour MEMENTO, 2011

MAT,SATINE,BRILLANT, A medium format set from Salone del mobile, April 2009
http://www.mat, satiné, brillant.com/MMM.Milano=648&id=pleins

PICNIC PERFORMANCE, an essay on Parisian Society

Limited edition photographic collaboration, Tokyo. 2006

INTERIORS, http://www.various.margiela from the inside.org

Online project for myspace.com, 2006

digital serie called BIO without any sense
"What you see is what you get"The project was shown in Berlin 2006

An Exhibition curated from the sweedish giant of textil. 2006